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As a moving company we are not permitted to deliver your goods until the shipment has actually cleared customs. According to Canada Customs regulations the customer must clear the goods in person as an owner. No other third party but the owner must appear at the customs to clear the goods. As soon as your goods arrive in Canada, one of our representatives will contact you to arrange a meeting at the manifested customs office to make the customs declaration.
The following documents are required to present to the Customs Office:
  • Work Visa
  • Employer Letter of Intent
  • Passport or Birth Certificate
  • Photo Identification
  • Marriage Certificate if spouse has different name.
If there are any duty, fees or taxes owing, you will be required to pay these monies 
before goods are released. Cheque, cash or credit cards (Visa/MasterCard) are accepted.
For more information, you can visit either the Citizenship and Immigration Canada Website at www.cic.gc.ca 
or Canada Customs and Revenue Agency at www.ccra-adrc.gc.ca.
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