Moving FAQs

Can you move my plants?
We suggest you move your plants at your discretion. We are not liable for them.
Can you move my pets?
Many of us view our pets as part of our family and we want the best for them. We do not transport pets. We suggest they travel with you or prepare any arrangements ahead of time, pets, plants, and important documents should be with you during your move.
Do I need to be available during the pickup?
YES. We strongly suggest that you are present to identify which goods are staying and which are going, items requiring special handling, and to answer any questions the movers may have. Most importantly, you must be present at pickup and delivery to assist in the Inventory Process. The Inventory Process involves the pickup crew preparing an inventory of all your furniture and packed containers as they are loaded onto the truck, noting existing conditions. You will be required to sign the Inventory Agreement agreeing (or refuting in writing on the document) with the conditions noted by the crew concerning all items loaded on the truck. At delivery, you will participate in this process again by checking off unloaded items. Your participation in this process is critical to any claim resolution you may have after the move. If you absolutely cannot be present, we recommend that someone who is familiar with your household goods represents you.
What time will the moving crews arrive to pickup or deliver?
The Direct Canada Moving Team begin their pick ups between 8am and continually throughout the day. We will call you the business day ahead of your arranged pickup date to confirm the time of arrival. Due to unforeseen delays, morning arrivals are subject to 1 hours while afternoon arrivals are subject to 1-3 hours delays. Please call us for more details.
What happens if I have to reschedule my move?
If you need to reschedule your move date, you need to contact Direct  Canada Moving Services Ltd. immediately to arrange for a new pickup/delivery/trip date. There may be a cancellation fee, if the cancellation request is received in less than 4 days prior to the scheduled move day.
Do you sell packing materials?
Yes. We have everything you need for self packing. We also offer full packing services. From boxes to bubble wrap, the materials you need are available at our warehouse at competitive prices.
Do you offer packing services?
We do offer packing services. At your request, we shall pack your belongings for you. If you would like us to pack your belongings, it is best that you make this arrangement with us prior to your moving day. For the most cost-efficient move, be completely packed and prepared prior to the movers’ arrival. Keep in mind that you will be charged the standard hourly rate for all the time the movers spend packing you belongings.
How do you protect the furniture?
We offer special thick moving blankets to protect your furniture.
What kind of payments do you accept?
We accept certified cheques, credit card, cash. We do not under any circumstances shall accept personal or company checks. Any exceptions to the above will have to be approved by the office prior to the move day.
What is travel time?
Travel time is a flat-rate based on the average driving time from our office to your pick up area. Half of this fee allows our truck to get from our office to your home for the start of the move. The other half covers the return back to our office at the completion of your move. Travel time does not include the driving time between loading and unloading and will be added to your hourly charges at the completion of your move.
Do you charge for a minimum amount of hours?
Yes there is a minimum of 4 hours charge and 1 hour travelling time for local moving services for labour. Once the minimum is reached, you are billed in half hour increments, at half of your hourly rate. Moving service billed on a flat-rate bases are exempt from this policy.
Are movers allowed breaks during a move?
During a move, our movers are permitted to take a break for 15 minutes every 2 hours. If a mover exceeds 4 hours of moving, the movers are able to take a 30 minute lunch break. The time spent on lunch breaks will not be included on the clients invoice.
How many hours does it take to move?
These estimated moving times are considered from an average local move being performed by two professional Direct Canada Moving movers.
1-2 Bedroom Apartment = 3-5 hours
2-3 Bedroom Condo = 4-6 hours
2-3 Bedroom House = 6-8 hours
Please note these are average estimated moving times only. You will also have to consider other factors on the moving day influenced by the amount of packing you do yourself; distance between the move, pickup and the delivery locations; weather, road and traffic conditions.
Do you offer door to door service?
Yes, we are a door to door moving service.

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