Long Distance Moving a Vehicle

We can move your vehicle to anywhere in Canada or USA. DCMS transports cars, vans and SUV’s not only cross Canada in both ways but to / from United States as well.
We use rail service to move the vehicles for major destinations such as Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal and use our trucks for the cities that are away from those.
Our door-to-door service is always provided with professional crews. P/U’s from any requested location and deliveries to any address at the destination are available. In case of moving from Vancouver, you can also drop off your vehicle to our office in Richmond, if you require. P/U can also be done from our location.
In order to track your vehicle during transportation, you can call us at any time. Your name would be enough for us to give you the latest information about your vehicle.
The transportation period may change depending on the distance about 1 to 3 weeks.
For example, while it takes 8-10 days from Vancouver to Toronto, it takes almost 2 weeks to Halifax. In winter time, there may be delays due to cold weather conditions.
If you require any assistance or information to plan your move, please contact us or get your FREE Estimate today!

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